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Functionality of ProFibe

Profibe FunctionalityWater soluble fibers (guar gum, citrus pectin, locust beans, etc.) are very viscous, slimy and sticky in their natural state. It would be virtually impossible to consume therapeutic doses (15 gms/day) of these fibers. What our researchers figured out was how to reduce the viscosity, slimy stickiness of WSF by complexing it to a protein (egg white, soy, etc.). Through the complexing of WSF to protein we were able to improve the actual functionality (benefit) of WSF by increasing the utilization of the WSF by the body.

This is accomplished by enzymes from the pancreas digesting the protein in the small intestines, releasing the WSF. The WSF passes into the large intestine where 100% of the fiber is utilized. Bacteria in the large bowel breakdown the WSF into short chain fatty acids. It is the fatty acids we believe are responsible for lowering LDL-C and interfere with the adhesive characteristics of plaque promoting regression of artheriosclerosis (blockage). The flatulence (gas) one experiences is created by the bacterial action in the large intestine. The amount of flatulence can be effected by diet as well. Bean-O (3-5 drops) in your ProFibe may eliminate the flatulence. Lessening of flatulence should occur over time but again remember diet plays a part too.

Side benefits which may be achieved by taking WSF (ProFibe):

  • Improved GI motility (transit time, etc.)
  • Improved glucose tolerance (diabetics) Reduced prostates (men)
  • Improved dental check-ups due to improved vascular system
  • Improved blood pressure due to improved circulation to renal artery
  • Male libido

We at CerBurg firmly believe we are just beginning to discover the benefit of WSF to humanity. As we go forward with our artheriosclerosis regression studies we will learn even more about the benefits associated with water soluble fibers (ProFibe).

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