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The Profibe Story

CerBurg only uses Kosher certified, all natural raw ingredients, including non-GMO soy protein, in the formulation and manufacturing process.

CerBurg is a company founded on the passion and dedication of two remarkable men, Dr. James J. Cerda and Charles W. Burgin. They had a unified commitment to affording people an all natural, fairly easy, and reasonably priced option to lowering LDL cholesterol and possibly regressing soft plaque in the arteries.

James J. Cerda ,M.D. - A gastroenterologist at the University of Florida, Dr. Cerda was a pioneer in his field. He was a retired Rear Admiral in the Navy, a concert pianist who played for several presidents and the only gastroenterologist to ever win the Paul Dudley White award for his research on regressing atherosclerosis. Paul Dudley White was President Dwight D Eisenhower’s personal cardiologist. The award is reserved for cardiologists so Dr. Cerda’s winning is an especially significant achievement.

Charles Burgin - Charles was an organic chemist and associate of Dr. Cerda’s since 1972. At that time they began to reevaluate the benefits of citrus pectin. By accident they discovered a way to complex a protein to water soluble fiber thereby preventing the WSF from becoming viscous, slimy, and sticky.

Dr. Cerda and Mr. Burgin were very excited at the prospects of an alternative/adjunct to prescription medications (statins) for cholesterol management. After many years of continued research, ProFibe was born in 1993. CerBurg maintains the integrity and principals on which Dr. Cerda and Charles Burgin developed ProFibe.

Together Dr. Cerda and Mr. Burgin published over 200 papers in reputable medical journals. It's obvious ProFibe was founded on good medical research. It's been called a miracle but it's just smart science.

ProFibe goes through three levels of biological testing to insure the product is free of contaminants, such as E.coli, Mold, Salmonella, etc.